Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Revisiting 2010 Goals

Here are the goals I established for myself for the past year and my success (or lack thereof):

Knitting Goals
-10 shawls in 2010
50% complete. 5 shawls done. 2 others started (one destroyed by Olias, one stalled out)
-finish my CPH
Fail. I picked it up earlier in the year, and all I lack is the button band/seaming
-knit more socks
Half-fail. I finished a pair for my sister, knit one half a pair, and started a second new sock.
-a colorwork project
Half-fail. I started Opus Spicatum in October. I'm not very good at colorwork, so it takes forever.

Sewing Goals
-make a quilt
So, so close. Quilt top is done. Got scared of quilting, as I had never done it before. I'm currently finishing up a table runner (my practice round before I tackle the quilt top).
-sew some skirts
sort of a win. Even though I didn't finish any skirts, I made a dress, which I think counts.

Misc. Crafting Goals
-buy a spinning wheel
Nope. I've shelved this idea so I can focus on the crafts at hand.
-practice more spinning
Again, nope
Big fat fail

Cooking Goals
-make ice cream
Half-win. I made frozen yogurt once.
-make bread
Half-win. I've made pizza crust countless times this year. It's so freaking good.
-make caramels
uh-uh. Nope. Sure didn't complete this one.

If you judge this list by the cover, I didn't finish much in 2010. I disagree, though. I tried lots of new techniques, and improved some skills. Next up, I'll post my 2011 goals (and one more FO for 2010!).
Did you accomplish any of your 2010 goals?


  1. My goals weren't quite as intense as yours. I think I said I wanted to cook more often (accomplished. Actually, I'm cooking right now), I wanted to do colorwork in stockings (I did mittens instead), and update my blog more frequently (done). Not too shabby.

  2. Seems like a good year to me! I look forward to 2011!


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