Monday, April 18, 2011

Pouch Progress

I've started working on my pouch for the Pretty Little Pouch Swap.

Would you like some rainbow patchwork on your pouch?

I assembled this rainbow from the stash, which I think my partner liked very much! I decided this swap is a perfect excuse to try handsewing hexagons for the first time.

Progress: Pretty Little Pouch Swap

Hexagons are pretty addicting. I made this stack one evening this week while watching some Gilmore Girls. It's my ultimate comfort show.

I'm either going to use a linen or a gray fabric for the body of the pouch. I've got a few more weeks to finish up, so I'm right on track!


  1. Love those Gilmore Girls. I could watch them any time, any where.

    Those little hexies are adorbs.

  2. I'm so glad you decided to try hexagons. They are so impressive looking, but aren't that hard! This pouch is going to be so much fun.

  3. Hexagons!! Gilmore Girls!! I love both (Okay, so I haven't yet made hexagons but Gilmore Girls stays on steady rotation for me!).

  4. I love the Gilmore Girls. If my mom calls and asks what I'm watching and I say Gilmore Girls she asks "still?". I don't think it will ever get old for me.

  5. i love the rainbow fabrics you chose! can't wait to see the finished pouch.

  6. oooh, I am loving all the color on your blog! so beautiful.

  7. The mini hexagons are adorable. Also, great colors! And Gilmore Girls is pretty much the most perfect show.

  8. Maybe a Food Friday this week? I miss those...

  9. This is going to be so pretty, lucky partner!


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