Monday, April 25, 2011

Received: Pretty Little Pouch!

Amber is awesome.

For me??? Received!

I had no idea she was making this pouch for me, but it arrived Wednesday, and it's mine! I love the scraps, I love the linen, and I love the quilting. I also love the yellow zipper. All in all, I think it's safe to say, I love it.

Amber didn't stop at the pouch. She sent me these extra goodies:

The extras!

Some colorful yarn (she used to knit), some fabric scraps, and a super fun little hexagon flower.

Hoot hoot!

I will be using this little guy pronto! it's so much fun, and so very me!

I have to say, seeing her hexagons sewn up so neatly, well, I have a lot to learn. My hexagons look fine, but I tried sewing them together the other day, and my stitches were very visible. Hers are not. I ripped back and will try again! So don't worry, my partner. Invisibility is what I'm striving for!

I hope you all had a fun Easter weekend! I went out of town and had a very relaxing weekend. Later this week, a knitting FO to share!! What?


  1. oh wow, you are a lucky girl! I seriously drooled over that pouch! :)

  2. Love the pouch - AND the hexagon! That made for a very nice surprise!

  3. ooh love the pouch and the hexis are so sweet!

  4. Very nice pouch! I'm a sucker for little bags :)

  5. Wow...that is a super cool pouch. I love linen paired with small amounts of colorful fabric! And too cute the little owl in the middle of that hexagon flower!

  6. I truly love this swap project! I am so happy that I did involved ^ ^


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