Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Embroider-bee Progress

I'm one month from my deadline on the embroider-bee. To refresh, I make four quilt blocks with embroidery and patchwork for four different people, and I get four blocks (from the same people) in return. I've only completely finished one block, but I am nearly done with the next two. I feel pretty good about my chances of finishing on time. Just like in college, I work pretty well under pressure (aka, I'm used to procrastination!).

The block I've completed is here:

Finished embroider-bee block #1

I used a Sublime Stitching pattern (from the stash), which I definitely want to stitch up again for myself! The scraps are from the stash, and I really love the little pieces!

Stitchy closeup

Here's a closeup of the little guy. Love!

Another sneak peek

Here's a sneak of the second block. I finished the stitching, but I don't want to reveal until I finish the patchwork. You can see a little sneaky peek of the stitching, though. I drew this one myself, so I promise, it's not too complicated!

Sneak peek

Here's a pretty big peek at the third block. I purchased this design from theflossbox on etsy. You can find some really cute designs in her shop. I would love to stitch the state sampler set someday.

Speaking of embroidery, I'm completely smitten with these pillows.


  1. That owl is too delightful! That block looks like a perfect blend of embroidery and quilting.

  2. OH very cool owl! That's a fun bee.

  3. OMG, that owl is amazing. Very awesome colors, Jacey. Someone is going to swoon.

  4. oooh, excellent stitching! and thanks for the link to that shop; their patterns are lovely.

  5. that sounds like such a cool project. love the owl!!

  6. ok, now all i can think about is why is Buffalo in the completely incorrect area of NY in the sampler? that is just wrong.

    your embroidery is pretty and almost makes me wish i didn't detest handsewing so much.

  7. amazing!! That owl is fantastic, I love that he's (she's?) purple.

  8. Those blocks are great! I absolutely love the owl. This makes me want to pick up yet another craft (now I just need to find the time!).


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