Monday, August 22, 2011

Progress & Project Spectrum

Better late than never
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Now that it's August 22nd, here's my August Project Spectrum inspiration mosaic. I've been thinking of pinks and purples all month, but just got around to making the monthly mosaic.

Progress: Figgy Toast

Earlier this month, I cast on for a pair of Toast Armwarmers with some stashed GLBLF handspun, in full PS spirit. Sam's handspun is incredible, and this skein is no exception. Even though we've had at least three weeks of triple-digit heat, I'm dreaming of cool[er] temperatures as I knit these.

I started another new knitting project as well. My friend Rue is releasing a free pattern soon for an adorable baby sweater (although it's not quite as adorable as the baby in it!), and I'm test knitting it! I've never test knit before, and I'm pretty excited about it!

Progress: Baby Sweater

I cast on for one of the sleeves about a week ago, and here's my progress so far. This uses fingering weight yarn and size 1 needles, so it's going to be a while! I am enjoying the process, though, and the yarn I'm using? Sundara FSM, a Christmas gift from Elliott, is amazing to knit with. It's so soft.


  1. i love your mosaic. i'm not normally a fan of these colors but they are nice to visit every once in awhile. i really like that applique pillow.

  2. i love the mosaic. i love that swoon block and when i saw it at first i thought you had completed another one. i have been drawn to purples lately, funny since it isn't usually my fave. i'm impressed with your knitting. i have no idea how to do it. i really need to learn to knit and crochet! i am a bit obsessed with granny squares...

  3. The mosaic is stunning! Maybe I should use a pillow as a good project to get back into sewing (once I finish my never-ending quilt). That seems like a manageable size.

    And I love the colors in the baby sweater!

  4. I especially love that plus pillow. So cute! Fab inspiration.

  5. I love the yarn you're using for Toast! I am totally addicted to knitting fingerless's my go to project when I don't have anything else to do. I can knit them mindlessly (which means I can knit and read...score!).

  6. beautiful colors!!! I love that handspun, I am so sick of spinning right now I could just spit! (but not on my fiber)


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