Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Winners and some DS projects

Well, winners have been picked via rng! Our winning numbers were #8, #1 (really? that's pretty rare!) and #25. So, the winners are: Susan, Chawne and James-Linda (Who is actually, Linda)! I've already got addresses from all three, and will be sending out the shawls this week.

Thank you so much to all that entered. It was fun hearing about your current craft obsessions! It feels good to get a few of these FOs out of the closet (and it also allows me the freedom to cast on for a new shawl soon! It's a sickness, I know.)

I wanted to share a couple of projects with you, which have DS Quilts in common.

I, personally, do not love the entire DS Quilts first line that came out, but I do love the print I used in both of these items very much.

On the fence

First up, I made this skirt from Butterick pattern 5613.
The reason you're not viewing a modeled shot is because it looks frumpy as all get out on me. I think you have to be a size two to be able to pull this off, due to the gathered waist.
I thought it would be a good "masking" choice, but no, it adds more than I actually have around the waistline.
Not good.
I'm debating whether I should try to salvage it. I do love the style, and maybe I could pull it off if I reduced the amount of gathering at the hips. It has pockets, which are pretty awesome!

Until I make up my mind, this sits unhemmed.

My other DS project is a win, though!

I bought Anna's Gathered Clutch pattern awhile back, and finally tried it this weekend.

Seed Catalogue Clutch

I used Kona Daffodil, Annie's Farm Stand Seed Catalogue, and the DS Quilts print, as well as a vintage zipper from the stash. This was a great pattern, and I will definitely make more of these in the future.

First Gathered Clutch

P.S. Thanks to my sweet boyfriend, I have AC in the car again! It was a little cheaper than expected, and I didn't have to suffer in the August Houston humid heat.


  1. i love your gathered clutch.

    is the skirt meant to sit higher on the waist? the full skirts i own with pleats or gathers really do look better if they sit at the natural waist, not under.

    i really love that print too. i should have bought more of it when it was at my joanns.

  2. omg that gathered clutch! adorable. i love the skirt too. super cute. i am with sara, if it was higher on your waist it might be better.

  3. Congrats to the winners! And to you on a great clutch.

  4. Such cute projects! I know what you mean about the gathered waist skirts. They make me look like my hips are outrageously big, not flattering! The only luck I've had so far was with Karyn's Enchanted Bow skirt, which uses a shirred waist, so the gathering is not so.. dramatic, hehe! It's a great pattern!


  5. it was such a generous giveaway, congrats to your winners! that's funny that you are ready to cast on for a new shawl :)

  6. Oh goodness...I love that skirt and purse! So cute! It looks like something from,love, love!

  7. goodness, i never win stuff! thanks, J!

  8. what a fun summer skirt!! and I bet it goes with lots of different tops, as well. that clutch is very pretty, too!

  9. Your clutch is super cute, and so is the skirt! I second the comment above about making sure it sits at your natural waist. That said, I am naturally "hippy" so I tend to avoid anything that will make me appear wider in that area. If you really don't like it, I'm sure you can reshape it into something else--you have become so good at sewing!


  10. Oh god, I made that skirt too! But in AMH voile. Good thing it looks lovely on the hanger because that's where it's going to stay! Looove the clutch.

  11. Oh, bummer. Skirts can be tricky. I've found I like when I gather them in the front and back and smooth out the sides.

    Love that DS fabric paired with the word print. So fitting!

  12. LOVE the clutch!

    What do you think of the stripe study pattern? I've been eyeing that one for a while - I'm just waiting for the right color of tosh sock to show up in my lys to go with what I've got in the stash.

    And yay for air conditioning!


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