Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February - Photo Challenge

Having never participated in a photo challenge, I can't guarantee I'll make it through February with this, but I'm going to try! Andi posted a fun idea for February, and since the focus is crafting, I think I'll have a better shot at success!

A Month of Craft Photos

The prompts look fun and I already have ideas for a few of them. She included a 30th day, in case you don't like one of the prompts, or you miss a day.

Andi just started a flickr group to share your photos for the challenge. Feel free to join us!


  1. sounds fun! as far as, maybe? i'm so bad at committing to these kinds of things and then never wanting to do them.

  2. I might try March. Right now, me in action would be inaction. I left work early sick today. Not good given I have a show in 2 weeks. Blarg.

  3. i added my picture for yesterday just now. i am happy to have my camera to play along. when you sent me the invite to the group i laughed because i hadn't found my camera yet. i thought, "she is messing with me" lol! thankfully all is well now. i am off to take some pics of my tools!!!

  4. If I were actually home in February for any length of time, this looks like fun...alas, the calm of January has ended.

    I'll be looking forward to following these on flickr!


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