Tuesday, February 7, 2012

FO(s): Double Fortnight

FO: Two Fortnights

Actual knitting has been finished! What??
Yes, in the past couple of months, I have actually finished at least two knitting projects. Specifically, these hats you see above. I used Brooklyn Tweed's Fortnight pattern, found here. Both hats were knit in KnitPicks Wool of the Andes, colorways Tidepool Heather and Persimmon Heather. The pattern is easy to follow, and I adore the large garter stitch brim. Each hat took just around 100 yards of worsted weight yarn on a size 7 circular.

These hats were knit for two very special people. One is Jules, who just sent me the amazing selvage mini and extras. For her, I knit the rusty orange hat to match the pair of Fetchings I made last year. I sent along some extras, including one of my last coffee cozies and some fabric.

My new cap from Jacey

Jules' husband took this photo of her wearing it. I just love those cables!

The teal version was knit for Amanda, who has fast become one of my best friends. I "knew" her before sewing summit, but it was after meeting in person that our friendship solidified. We have chatted lots since then, and hanging out with her this past weekend (where we exchanged gifts in person!) was so much fun.

Although Amanda is a very proficient knitter, she said she didn't have a hat for herself; she's given all of her hats away! So I knit this one and included some extras. I'll share what she made me next time!


  1. awesome hats!! I love the texture and the contrasting brims!

  2. jacey, those cables look awesome! i bet they are both super happy to have their new hats from you! ;)

  3. Both hats are lovely! Again...I never would have considered orange and blue together until Melissa sent me a dishcloth in those colors and wow...they so work together! As your hat certainly shows!

    I'm sitting here thinking that I know I have 100 yards of worsted weight sitting around that I could whip up one of these for me (or even for a few others who I know would love a hat). Enabler.

  4. Excellent! Finishes feel great no matter what the project. Knitting hats is one of my favorite things to knit!

  5. Beautiful hats! I love the colors - especially the orange.


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