Thursday, April 5, 2012

From Rue and Rachel

When you are regularly order things online (for a wedding and maybe some occasional fabric), it's hard to keep up with what packages you should be getting. The other day I got one in a small flat rate priority mail box, that puzzled me upon arrival.

It was something from Chicago. Then I recognized the name and was even more puzzled.

Rue and I had already completed our swap, so what was she sending me?

Apparently, Rue and Rachel conspired to surprise me with a wedding gift.

A gift for me?

A handmade shawl, to be exact.

Not only did they share knitting duties on this gorgeous shawl, but the yarn is handspun, by Rue.


Citron for me

I wish I could really show you the depth of this color, but the yarn is a gray with subtle flecks of blue, green, pink.
And soft. So soft.

The sneaky girls perused my ravelry favorites and saw that I enjoyed the Citron shawl, but I haven't knitted the pattern.

I love this shawl, because it was knit with love and hope.


I hope the wedding venue is chilly enough that I can wear this that day, and remember how each stitch was knit by my friends, Rachel and Rue.

Thank you both. You are incredible!
As soon as I can, I'll share a picture of me wearing it.

Hopefully, it will be from the wedding, which is less than three. weeks. away!


  1. Oh, that is stunning. What amazingly talented friends you have! :)

  2. What a beautiful gift! Totally lovely.

  3. oh my gracious jacey! it is gorgeous!!! those sneaky sneaky girls! what a beautiful thoughtful gift!!!

  4. beautiful! what a special gift.

  5. Wow! So, so pretty! What a sweet gift :)

  6. so beautiful, jacey! yes, make sure to get pics of you wearing it with your wedding dress!

  7. How sweet of them! It's beautiful! Can't wait to see pictures of you wearing it on your wedding day :)

  8. It is BEAUTIFUL! What sweet and thoughtful friends! I can't believe your wedding is only 3 SHORT weeks away!! You must be so excited..I am sure a nice cup of hot tea, and wrapped in that warm shawl must be the BEST thing to calm those prewedding jitters!

  9. That is gorgeous and such a beautiful, thoughtful gift :)

  10. Tears in my eyes. So beautiful, in so many ways!!!

  11. such an incredible wedding gift!

  12. Oh, I'm so glad you love it (sorry, I had every intention of replying to your lovely email but I just haven't made the time yet!). Rue's handspun was a dream to knit with...and it was such a special project to work on that with Rue for you. So fun keeping secrets too! ;)

  13. What an amazing gift!! It's stunnng.

  14. whoa! that's a gorgeous gift!!

  15. So beautiful, and so sweet! I can't belive your wedding is coming up so fast -- good luck with everything! I hope it is everything you dreamed of and then some!

  16. WOW! What an incredible gift!! It's so beautiful, Jacey!


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