Monday, July 30, 2012

Weekend happenings

I don't know about you, but I was not ready for the weekend to be over. E and I drove down to Galveston (just about an hour away) to visit with his family. They rented a beach house for the weekend, and it was wonderful to see them all.

We returned home Saturday afternoon, and I spent most of the day in the sewing room. I finished a big project, and then Jill came over for another little sewing adventure. She wanted to make some bibs for a good friend. This friend is adopting a baby in the upcoming weeks, and Jill really wanted to give her a handmade gift.

Jill made this!

Here's her first bib, in an adorable Laurie Wisbrun print. We used a template found here. We made pizza, too, using my favorite dough recipe!

Sunday, I woke up early, got some errands done, and finished bee blocks for Sara, wonky houses.

Wonky house blocks for Sara

I don't know why, but house blocks always intimidate me. I think the finished quilt will be very fun!

After making some tortilla soup to enjoy this week, I quilted a little project I finished a few weeks ago and Olias promptly tested it for me.

Official quilt tester

This will be a baby gift for someone in the next few months.

Finishing a Duckie sock

I finished the evening with some knitting and a little Mad Men. I was able to finish this first sock, and I'm determined to cast on the second very soon. Pattern and yarn info here.

So, how was YOUR weekend?


  1. I LOVE those house blocks!!! So much.

  2. I love Galveston. The husband and I are thinking about driving down soon for an early evening swim.

    What is it about kitties and craft projects? Everytime I lay out something to block it's like my little beasts have radar and make a beeline for it. I thought cats hated water? I guess that doesn't include wet wool.

  3. sounds like you had a productive weekend! i love the house blocks. thanks for plugging away!

  4. what a lovely weekend! despite being sick, i got to go to a friend's wedding, see my mom, and do some knitting while watching the olympics. if only i had time to do some sewing, it would have been perfect.

    and i love those house blocks! so fun and so cute!

  5. your weekend sounds fab! lots of sewing productivity, and cooking and knitting, too! olias seems to be doing a stellar job as your official quilt tester. and jill's bib is adorable - that's perfect fabric, too!

  6. i just clicked through to the tortilla soup recipe and i absolutely MUST make this. right. now.

  7. Productive weekend!! I didn't move too far from the sofa all weekend... And managed to leave the house only once (for a JoAnn & cupcake run)

  8. Sound like a fantastic weekend! Love those house blocks. And the bib is too cute. I'm all over that tortilla soup..

  9. those socks look very very soft and comfy! i had a great weekend! campfires and air shows!

  10. Oh, your pizza dough recipe sounds good. I need to try it. That sock looks gorgeous and I love that print for a bib. We were savoring our last bits of vacation this weekend. Sniff.

  11. Jacey, how on earth are you always able to accomplish so much!? I think it's awesome that you get so much done. Hmm, now I'm hungry for tortilla soup and pizza!

  12. I really like the yarn you're using. It looks soft and squishy.

    1. Thank you! Yes, it's very nice to work with!

  13. that bib is super, super cute!! love the lamb print. Your sock is looking amazing, knitting and Mad Men is a perfect combination. I am addicted to that show.

  14. I'm late, but it sounds like such a nice weekend. I love that you get to do some crafting with your sister! And also, I can't wait for soup weather to arrive here. I really want to make soup!!!

  15. i am so behind in my blog reading! i love the bibs! so so cute~

  16. Loving the socks, and the house blocks are adorable!


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