Monday, July 23, 2012

FOs: For Jessica

Thanks for all your kind words on the wedding photos! I didn't realize I hadn't shared them, but it was fun to look through them again and pick some favorites. I hope you all had fun weekends! E & I went to Austin to visit friends, so it feels like the weekend just flew by.

While I was at the retreat, Jessica mentioned she didn't have a pincushion. This fact, paired with the happy mini she gifted me last year (see below), encouraged me to make her a little gift.

A surprise from Jessica
Isn't the mini lovely?

So, I was tempted to make her a giant, MEGA pincushion, like the one I just made for the Modernista swap, but instead, I used the pincushion organizer pattern from Zakka Style, gifted to each of us at the retreat!

FO: Zakka Style Pincushion

The pincushion is much tinier than the other one I made, but it's so cute! Fabrics used are Dear Stella stars and Essex linen in natural for the cushion. The stamps you see were borrowed from my pal, Amy.

FO: Zakka Style Sewing Kit

Inside, I paired the Dear Stella stars with a favorite Maya print, Maria.

In case Jessica didn't like the organizer, I sweetened the gift with a patchwork basket, made from Ayumi's tutorial.

FO: Patchwork Basket for Jessica

This is my second time to make her patchwork basket, and this time, I just omitted the the exterior patchwork. The basket includes a Moda canvas tape measure print, Joel Dewberry Modern Meadow for the handles and It's a Hoot for the interior.

Both of these patterns are highly recommended for fast and fun gifts!


  1. lovely wedding photos and i love the little gifts. i'm sure Jessica will love it.

  2. What a great swap! I haven't used much of my Maya fabrics yet, I love that print!!

    This weekend did fly by! Kevin and I went to see Ingrid Michaelson and I even got to meet her! It was SO fun!! Happy Monday, Jacey!

  3. lucky lucky jessica! what a fun gift jacey!

  4. I always, always, always love those fabric baskets. Jessica's going to love the gift!

  5. Lovely gifts, I really like that basket, the fabrics are awesome!

  6. Every time I see those patchwork baskets, I want to make some. So great!

  7. I love those gifts! I keep thinking I need to make some fabric baskets, yours is quite inspiring with its cuteness! And that pincushion looks great, I love the stamping on the fabric! Did you use a regular stamp and ink, or something special for fabric?


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