Monday, July 22, 2013

Amanda's Traveling Quilt

Hello! Monday again, and I have something really fun to share. You may remember that this round of the Wonky Bee is a traveling quilt round. Well, we are finishing up an entire year of traveling quilts this month. I loved this experience! Each project was unique, we had two months to work on each quilt, and at the end, we will each have a fun project to finish.

I finished with Amanda's project. She created a pinterest board for inspiration, and asked for all things geek.

First, I decided to do a little embroidery.

Mix Tape Embroidery

I saved a template (found here on Pepper Stitches) for this embroidery ages ago, but never stitched it. It is stitched on a Kona solid, and I chose to stitch it in just one color. It's labeled, "Wonky Bee 2013 Mix".

Next, I decided to do a little Pacman paper piecing, as inspired by Happy Zombie.


Sew Hooked has all kinds of amazing paper piecing templates, including these for Pacman and Ghost!
I want to make more of these.

Amanda's quilt

Using more of Amanda's fabric, I pieced this section together.

Amanda's quilt top

And the top! Each bee member contributed really fun things to this quilt.

This quilt definitely screams, 'Amanda'.

I can't wait to see what Nicke does with mine!


  1. Wow. That quilt is so fabulous!

  2. it looks so amazing and colorful. i love your embroidery!

  3. Great details in that top! And your embroidery really adds a special touch.

  4. Awesome quilt! I especially like the pacman piecing.

  5. What an amazing quilt! I adore that typewrite fabric. You find such amazing prints!

  6. Oh, wow, it really is turning out so well! I think this is my favorite traveling quilt yet. Love all those fun bright colors and the happy vibe!

  7. love it....I want one just like it. lol

  8. What a fabulous quilt.


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