Thursday, July 18, 2013

Delayed retreat post

better late than never, right?

My lateness in posting about my recent retreat should not be taken as a lack of enthusiasm.


I had a wonderful time in Wisconsin a few weeks ago. I'd never been to that part of the US, and I hope it's not the last time.

Photo by Faith/Fresh Lemons

I spent several days with Anna, Deedee, Faith, Holly, and Jeni. I love these girls!

Jeni picked me up from the airport, and we jumped right in, with a fabric shop and some thrifting.

And of course, a visit with George!

Retreat cabinWe stayed near Madison, at a gorgeous cabin. Seriously, this place was stunning.

Retreat cabin

There was plenty of space for our group to relax and sew.


The place had lots of windows, too, to give us lovely natural light.

On our last full day, we tried indigo dyeing!

Fabric prepped for dyeing

Using wooden (from Deedee's sweet husband) and plastic resists (Jeni purchased them from Rossie), we prepared our fabrics. Above, you can see how I prepped my pieces.

Our collective fabric

And look! The fabrics we dyed look beautiful together in the sun (my fabrics are in the front, center). I want to do this again, soon.

I didn't sew as much as I hoped, but I managed to finish my staple tunic, and I knit a hat. There was also MUCH eating. Deedee kept us well-fed. But, my favorite new thing?

Fried cheese curds. OMG.

I hope I can visit you again someday, Wisconsin.


  1. can I come next time??? Pleeeeeeeease!

  2. looks like a great time! and even though i'm kinda grossed out by the phrase "cheese curds" those do look mighty tasty!

  3. I'm craving cheese.

  4. Sounds lie a fantastic trip! Cheese curds are surprisingly good, aren't they?

  5. It was so fun to watch your Chalet Sewing Retreat weekend on IG!! :) I wish I could have been there with you!


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