Wednesday, July 30, 2014

FO: Brickless

While at Stash Bash, several of us knitters decided to knit Brickless. I loved knitting it, and I finished in less than a month, but then, of course, it sat in the closet for two months before I blocked it. Yesterday. It happens.

Blocking isn't difficult, but I always seem to put it off. I think the cats are the real reason I avoid it; they love to sit on things, including wet, pinned knitting.

I used a skein of Kinfolk Yarn and Fibre MCN High Twist, in Western Sky. It was a Christmas gift from E, and I was happy to use it so quickly. The leftovers went towards my Scrappy Hue Shift (and I sent some to other blanket knitters as well).

I have one more finished shawl in the blocking pile, and one mystery shawl that is unfinished....


  1. I love Brickless. I made one in red but I bought some Berlin Yowza from Miss Babs to make a classic one too. Someday I will get to it. I love the yarn you used.

  2. Looks beautiful on you - and I love the colors!

  3. That looks fabulous on you!

    Oh, I finally got my little collection of sock yarn scraps in the mail to you yesterday. Hopefully it will arrive early next week.


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