Monday, July 21, 2014

FO: Poolside Tote (and some Grenada photos)

Isn't it strange to come home from vacation? I feel like our Grenada trip was a long time ago, even though it's only been a week. I guess it's easy to re-immerse yourself in everyday life. We stayed a week with Elliott's sister and family in their new home. We saw some beautiful sights and a different way of life. I was surprised by the variety of terrain on such a (relatively) small island. Grenada is about 130 square miles, but elevation reaches 2,700 feet at the highest point. Here's a handful of landscapes we experienced on our trip:

Morne Rouge Beach

Hiking to St. Margaret's waterfall

St. Margaret's

Atlantic, near Fort Jeudy

The garden

From the glass bottom boat, which was my favorite thing. Check out the underwater sculpture garden, which we were able to see from the boat!

I made Anna's Poolside Tote for the trip, and it was such a great choice. It served as my carry-on bag, and I toted it along each day, with my camera, a towel, and other essentials. I am planning to make a few more as gifts in the next few months. Honestly, I think it's my favorite of Anna's patterns. The size is nice, and I love the durability of those straps.

Next time, I have a few more pictures to share of the trip, including Oliver and Adelaide!


  1. What gorgeous sights! Ah....that's my kind of vacation.

  2. Beautiful vacation shots. I love the beach! Your tote is awesome! It's my favorite one I've seen. I love that Lizzy House fabric, what a great choice! What's the strap fabric you used? It looks cool.

  3. What an amazing place to visit!

  4. Beautiful pictures! Love the tote you made and bet you did get a lot of use while on the trip!


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