Monday, November 23, 2015

FOs: Lark Tee versions one and two

FO: Dotty Lark Tee

A few months back, I stitched up three versions of the Lark tee pattern, by Grainline Studio.

A WIP and an FO

It's become one of my favorite garment patterns, and comes together so quickly. Before this, I had limited experience sewing with knits. As in, I had completed one simple knit garment. I'm not sure why I resisted, but working with knit is really not scary. My trusty little Janome (an older version of this one) is what I use for sewing with knits, since my larger machine is straight-stitch only.

So, I've tried three of the four necklines available, and three of the four sleeve lengths. This pattern really gives you a lot of options, and I see myself making many additional versions soon. I've already got another pile of knit fabric washed and ready to cut. The only modification I made was to crop the length (except the dotty version) because I like a shorter tee.

A WIP and an FO

And the great thing about knit fabric is you can finish your hem and sleeves, or not. As you can see, on the boatneck version, I chose to leave my sleeves and hem unfinished.

I'll share my third Lark tee as soon as I get a modeled shot. And maybe by then, there will be another one finished!


  1. I also am nervous about making garments. I don't think I have ever made myself anything that I have worn. Maybe that will be my goal for 2016.


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