Tuesday, November 17, 2015

WIP: Skinny triangles

Skinny triangles

I'm sure you've been there. You make a fabric pile, maybe it takes you a few days to deliberate, and then you instantly want to cut into it and sew. Despite a lovely list of projects-in-progress, this happened to me on Sunday. After purchasing Rain Walk, Anna's debut collection with Cloud 9, it sat in on my floor for several months. I originally had it earmarked for some EPP, similar to this pin. But then I realized I already have two EPP projects in the works, so that probably wasn't a good choice (although I'd still like to do a similar project eventually).

So then I thought about triangles. I drew a tall skinny triangle shape on cardboard (and first tested it with a small scrap pile), and set to work, cutting one row of triangles from each piece of fabric.

A pile of triangles

Oh, and I should mention, I found LOTS of stashed fabrics to incorporate, including several large scraps of beloved prints.

WIP: Skinny triangles

So, yes, triangles. I started sewing them up yesterday, and have four full rows sewn, as well as smaller clusters to sew into rows today.

It feels good to sew with such happy fabrics this week.

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