Wednesday, July 26, 2017

FOs: Hearts and Pink Scrappy Leftovers

FO: Pink Scrappy HSTs

So, my original plan was to share this scrappy pillow (14" approx.) that I finished for my friend Amanda Jean. She loves pink, scrappy and tiny piecing, so it felt like a fun choice for her!
I really love the floating pink triangle. Also, binding on a pillow always makes me happy.

However, after trying to find the post about the original project that gave me these leftovers, I came up empty.

FO: Hearts

So, here you go, Hearts. This finish from last year was made from Cluck Cluck Sew's heart block in a couple of different sizes and lots of different pinks and purples.

Hearts back

And here's the back, scrappy as usual.

I really can't imagine how many other projects I have failed to share here.
Oh well. Baby steps!

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