Monday, July 31, 2017

Quilt WIPs update

This is a stack of finished quilt tops, just waiting for basting. There are ten here, plus one more that is already basted.

I'm not saying I won't work on other projects for the rest of the year, but this stack will be my main focus for the remaining months of 2017. I haven't shared all of these projects here, but included in the stack are:

Scrappy Quarter Log Cabin
Big Plaid Log Cabin (bottom of this post)
Aerial Grove
Scrappy Geese
String Diamonds

It will be fun to see how many I can finish this year!


  1. oh fun! You have your work cut out for you but how cool to think you could have 10 finished quilts by the end of the year! ;-)

  2. I think you and I have similar tastes in fabrics and quilt patterns. While scrolling down the blogs, I saw your photo and thought to myself, what are my quilts doing there? I also have 12 quilts in my pile which I am trying to focus on finishing this year. Thanks for sharing!


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