Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Buried in a drawer in my office/knitting room/guest bedroom, was one half of a fetching set. I originally intended to give the set to my friend Jenny for Christmas, but I couldn't finish the thumb, not to mention a dropped stitch that I wasn't sure how to pick up, so I let it fester. And fester. This was way back in November. Forever ago.
The good news is that Saturday night, while needing a break from the severely monotonous stockinette CC panels of Twiggy Tweed, I decided to pick up the neglected glove, and give it some love (I don't know what's wrong with me, excuse the ridiculous rhyme). I was able to knit back enough to then pick up my lost stitch (with a crochet hook! I've never done that before!) and through some miracle or intoxication, I figured out how to properly complete the thumb. Wow. What a road block that was. So, feeling successful, I finished off the first glove, woven ends and all, and cast on for the second. I just knit in the waste yarn for the thumb, and I plan on finishing before the weekend. I don't have any new pictures of the glove, but here's one of the wip as it stood in November, which coincidentally, is close to where I'm at on the newer one.

In other knitting/yarn news, I just bought a ton of stuff on Knitpicks. I wasn't going to buy anything else, but I did use a gift card from Christmas, so it's not as bad, or at least that's what I'm telling myself. Only a month until my New Mexico trip, so seriously, no new yarn until then.

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