Monday, February 25, 2008

Planning for March

Next month will be really busy; my calendar is filling up quickly. I'm most looking forward to the second week of March, when Sarah and I take off for a few days for a trip to New Mexico. We've been planning it for a couple of months, and we're just going to eat, drink, knit, and buy yarn! It will be so nice to get away for a few days, and especially, to be away from work! I've been mulling over what project(s) to take. I don't want to bring too much stuff, but I surely don't want to run out halfway through the trip. Also, obviously, smaller projects would be best, especially since I'm only going to have carry-on luggage. And so, I'm thinking it might be time for me to attempt socks. They still seem daunting to me, and I'm not ready to become obsessed with them, as so many other knitters have claimed to be. I've still got a few weeks before I leave, so in that time, I'm going to work with the following links to see if socks are a good choice for my trip.
Knitty Socks 101
Magic Cast-on for toe-up
I've also considered bringing the yarn to make a back to school u-neck vest-that would only be three skeins, and I'm confident I could make a huge dent in it on the trip.
So the next three items on the list are the vest, learning to make socks, and Square Cake, which will be a wedding present.

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