Thursday, February 14, 2008

Progress on Shrug

Here's what happened with my two-toned shrug: not only did I have an incorrect number of stitches when I started the ribbing, but I also have never used a circular needle before, so I didn't really join the yarn. So I had flat ribbing. I knew I could have joined it later with seaming, and it probably would have been fine, but I wanted to do it the correct way, and to fix the number of stitches I picked up. For whatever reason, the day I noticed the mistake, I was feeling particularly brave stupid, and I just pulled the needle out of the live stitches. COMPLETELY. Um, I'm no expert knitter. Where did that confidence idiocy come from?
Hence, the freakout I had. After pulling out the needle, I started frogging, and I stopped myself before I ripped the band-aid off completely. I put the shrug out of sight until I could calmly decide how to fix my problem.
That time finally came last weekend. I ripped back all the ribbing, including the stitches I picked up. Last night, I picked up my stitches again, and got 3 rounds of the ribbing complete. I joined properly this time, and all is right with the world. I'm so glad that this road block is gone.
I think I can finish the shrug over the weekend, and then I've got to finish seaming Jill's purse, and sewing the lining. So, two FOs are just around the corner!

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  1. I'm so proud of you! You did a brave thing by pulling out that work and doing it right. I've done it many a time on my FO's. And I'm thinking about doing it to a cardigan I just seamed. It's too small. But I'm not that brave yet, so it's sitting at the bottom of my wool basket. We'll see. :)

    Great photos, too!


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