Friday, May 2, 2008

Motivating forces

After finishing Square Cake for Terra, I felt revamped. While I enjoy knitting gifts, if I feel forced or pressured to finish something, my excitement for the project immediately ceases. I seamed the purse on Friday night, and immediately jumped back into Something Red.

It's really coming along. I'm another inch and a half past the yellow stripe now. I've probably got another inch and a half or two inches left now, and I've decided to do the remaining portion in yellow. I'm really embracing yellow, which is odd-I've never really cared for it in clothing for myself. The wedding is this weekend, but I'm hoping to start the sleeves before Monday. We'll see.

I've also started a sock for myself, using the Yarn Love Juliet yarn I got from Woolgirl about a month ago. I've cast on thrice for the sock, which I originally planned to do Charlotte Schurch's Slipped Stitch Rib pattern, but then, when I had to cast on fewer stitches, I switched to her Waffle Rib II pattern.

I've tried to convince myself that these are tight enough around the calves, but they're not. I will, for the third time, have to frog them. Luckily, this nice yarn can take a beating, so at least it's not a total waste. Plus, I'm getting pretty good at using the small needles (I'm using 2.5s). Also in that picture, you can see my second tattoo (the other is on the left ankle).

Here's a cute picture of Bella, just because.

Back to work!

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