Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Slightly overwhelmed

As you can see from the left column, I've got quite a few projects on the needles. Six, in fact. For some knitters, this is standard operating procedure. For me, it's pandemonium which leads to dissatisfaction. It's not that I don't enjoy the process, because I certainly do, but of course, I also want to finish something on occasion. This weekend, I chose two of current projects to focus upon, and the others will just have to sit. My first instinct was to finish Something Red (and Yellow), but after finishing one sleeve, I've got less love for the red/yellow combination than before. I've joked with Sarah and Dean about it being a McD sweater, but it's starting to really take on that meaning for me. I know it's silly, and I will still finish it, but I'm not sure I'll actually wear it much for that reason.
So instead, I decided to focus on something that I know I will wear: the Frocking Pink Camisole. I worked on it for several hours this weekend, and I'm about nine inches into the body.

I'm loving this yarn/pattern. Dean said he thinks it will be the nicest thing I've knit thus far, and I'm inclined to agree with him. I'm into the fourth ball of yarn (out of seven), so I'm feeling pretty accomplished in terms of progress, which is exactly what I needed to feel. The other project I'm spending some time on is My So-Called Scarf. Even though I doubt I will gift it until Christmas, it moves quickly, and I know I can finish a beautiful FO.

It really is a lovely pattern, and so easy.
I feel better, having found a little focus. I've also been really naughty about buying yarn in the last month. Not that it's bad, but I really do have plenty of yarn to tide me over for quite some time. I want to at least finish a few items before another marathon month of stashing.

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