Friday, May 16, 2008

Time to dye

Words cannot express my excitement. Sarah and I are finally dyeing yarn this weekend. We've been talking about it for months, but wanted to do it together, and we haven't been able to hang out since our New Mexico trip. She and Austin are coming down this weekend, and there will be dyeing. There will also be knitting, possible yarn shopping, eating, drinking, game playing and movie watching.
I have some lovely new stash enhancements to share:

I got two skeins of Malabrigo, in Peach Tree and Purple Mystery. Yarnzilla is having a fantastic sale on Malabrigo. I ALMOST bought enough for a sweater, but restrained myself.

I also bought this lace for a wedding shawl I'm making for Angela. We talked patterns, and I think she's settled on Juno Regina. Her wedding is in November, so it should be a lovely choice to keep her warm.
I also got a KnitPicks order in this week, and I've made a bit of progress on Something Red (and Yellow). I bound off the body, but I can't start on the sleeves without the proper needles. I decided to do them in either size 5 or 4 dpns, and Sarah is bringing me some this weekend, so I can at least start on them.
In the meantime, I started a new project, the Frock Camisole from Interweave, Spring 2008. It's my first Interweave project, and I'm knitting it in the suggested yarn, Cinnabar, which I bought at Yarntopia, an LYS, about a month ago.

I'm loving the yarn, and I'm hoping the stockinette goes quickly.
That's all for now. After my yarny weekend, I'm sure I'll have lots to talk about.

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