Saturday, August 23, 2008

Process vs. progress

I've thought a lot about the difference between process and progress knitting. There are times when I need to churn out a fast knit: a hat, a pair of fingerless gloves; something to satisfy a need for accomplishment or a gift. More often than not, however, I'm more interested in the process: selecting a project that challenges me in some way, working with some yarn that I've been holding onto; something that satisfies during knitting, although it may mean not finishing something for much longer. I've heard myself express frustration before over a lack of FOs, but, it's always a temporary feeling.

This preface might explain my lack of direction in the past week. Not only have I worked a bit on two of my current projects, I've also cast on for three additional projects. I've realized this is my pattern in knitting. I churn out a few projects (like lately, and they were predominately for Jill), and then I return to searching for new stimuli. Two of the projects I started this week are gifts-a baby sweater (my first EZ February sweater) and a hat (destined to be a christmas present: for whom, I'm not sure).

The third project is one I cast on for today. I wound up a skein of sock yarn, Three Irish Girls' Adorn sock yarn, in the colorway Kelly this morning, and I instantly wanted to try my luck again at socks. I've had one sitting on the needles for months, and I've not been interested in finishing, as it felt like it was taking forever to finish an inch. After some ravelry searching, I found Sandra Park's Bloody Mary pattern.

I've already got a couple of inches done. I'm thoroughly enjoying the pattern. It's easy, but challenging enough to keep my focus. The colors of the yarn, different shades of green, yellow and tan, are lovely.

I'm also knitting them on wooden needles, which is a first for me. I think I like them better for socks and here's why:

1) They force me to relax my hands a bit (which is imperative, since I'm used to knitting with larger needles),

2) It's more difficult to split the yarn with blunt ends,

3) The ladders seem to be less noticeable (probably because my tension is more even).

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