Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Trouble cat

Olias is a terror. I love him, and I will stick it out for the good times, but oh. He is the best birth control ever. He tests my patience like no other. In the few weeks since we found him, he has destroyed the bottom of my bedsprings, he chewed a big hole in the cowl I just finished for my grandmother (luckily, I think I can salvage it, but I haven't tried yet), he has claimed my fingerless gloves for his own, and last, but not least, he managed to tackle our tree and wrestle it down to the ground. We obviously weren't home to capture the crime, as we would have stopped him from doing it, but here's the proud cat sauntering around once we got home.


  1. Oh my goodness.... I can't wait to meat Olias. I think we may have something in common...

  2. Circumstantial evidence! He was framed! Framed!

    (Apollo is a troublemaker too, so I sympathize. I think it's a male cat thing. He's never knocked over the Christmas tree, but he does knock ornaments off and break them in the middle of the night.)


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