Wednesday, December 3, 2008

FO: Sendoff Scarf

Jenny is moving to China for a year. She got an awesome job, a really amazing opportunity, and I will miss her like crazy. She's my favorite sushi buddy, and a wonderful friend. I made her this scarf to keep her warm, as she's used to our lovely Houston climate.

ScWiNoNa, by Weezalana
Yarn: Knitpicks, Wool of the Andes, Black Cherry Heather, 2 skeins
Needle: Size 7, straight
Time: 1 month
Recipient: Jenny
Thoughts: The pattern is easy to memorize, and really looks lovely. Both sides are attractive. I don't know if I'd make this again, though, as scarves aren't really my thing. This is a great and FREE pattern, though-highly recommended.

I frequent Weezalana's blog, and always enjoy her content.

Bella is such a good helper-look how she blocks!


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  1. And it has done the trick. Not only does it keep me warm, but it also makes me feel loved and cared for, now matter how far away I am from home.

    There really is something so special about a homemade gift. Anybody can buy something, but when a friend weaves their love into each braid, you know that they really care about you.

    Thank you, Jacey. The craftmanship is amazing.


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