Thursday, July 23, 2009

Checking in-priority list

My new year's resolution post was mostly a list of knitting goals I hoped to achieve this year. So, how am I doing so far?

Finishing WIPs:
I still haven't finished my CPH, but I only lack half a sleeve and the hood, as well as sewing it all together (and picking up ALL those stitches), but I still have hope that I can finish it by the end of the year. I DID, however, finish the other two WIPs on new year's list. I've got SEVEN projects on the needles right now, which is about average for me, sadly. I can see myself finishing all of them by the end of the year,but I honestly won't be surprised if one or two languish on the needles into the new year.

I've also made one of the additional new projects I talked about. Most importantly, but somehow left off my list for the year, was socks!

It's been a great crafting year so far.
I can't believe we're nearly to August. Wowza.

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  1. HOW is it nearly August? So much for making more summery things. Seems like holiday knitting better start up soon for me or at this rate I'll never get the ambitious list of gifts done in time. Again.


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