Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Freaking Finally Socks!!

I don't know what my problem is about socks. I've tried to make them twice before, as in, cast on, plugged away for a while, enough to have the whole leg knit, start the heel, and then, screw it. I just. gave. up. I don't think it's the heel that gets me.
I think it's the fiddly double pointed needles with the teeny tiny yarn thread.

In an effort to combat that double threat, I bought this new sock book and decided to teach myself to knit from the toe-up, and not use dpns.

Saturday night, I taught myself the turkish cast-on, and using two circulars, I'm well on my way to the heel.

I'm using Rock Creek yarn in Cherry Blossom, and I've decided to just knit these in plain stockinette, although I may do some patterning on the leg portion, if I'm feeling particularly ambitious. I do think this yarn looks lovely in plain stockinette, though.

Gratuitious Olias shot above.

Here's hoping I can break the sock curse!


  1. Oooo, socks are the best! I'll cast the, I mean, cross my fingers and hope this breaks the curse!

    You should also try Judy's Magic Cast-on. And Magic Looping (I couldn't tell if you're going with 2 circs or ML). Once I tried ML, I never went back to DPNs!

  2. Good for you and giving it another go with the socks! I gave up on the dpns after the first pair I made - I kept injuring myself with those things sticking out all over. Using a circular makes more sense, and I really like Magic Loop.

    Doing toe-up is next on my list to try, since this too makes a whole heap of sense.


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