Monday, October 5, 2009

FO: Boston Marine Cardigan

When setting what seems like an impossible goal for yourself, make sure it is not too impossible. I don't think I could have knit just any sweater in a month, but my choice of the Favorite Cardigan was achievable. Here's the proof:


Favorite Cardigan, from Custom Knits by Wendy Bernard (my second pattern to knit from this book)
Yarn: duh. my favorite, Malabrigo Worsted, in Marine, 3.6 skeins
Needles: Size 7
Time: Just at one month, buttons were sewed on two days before the trip
Recipient: made for me!!

I knit the 34.5" size. I separated the sleeves on the first round of the sixth repeat (with three fewer increases than called for), and added additional increase on front panels only as follows: a set on row three of round six, and row one of eighth round. I finished my first skein of yarn after row two of round seven.

I added my first waist decrease at the first row of round ten (about 4 1/4” past sleeve separation. Ribbing was started after eleven repeats. I picked up less stitches than called for on the button band, 76 per side.

The body, unblocked, is 21 inches long. Sleeves were just under sixteen repeats (sleeves ended on row four of round sixteen).

I love this sweater. The buttons, color and shape are lovely. You probably notice that I didn't wear it fully buttoned while in Boston. I think I need to block it once more, as the buttons kept coming undone when I tried to, which is why most of the pictures have just the first few buttons done. I've even considered tightening the button holes. Any thoughts on the best way to fix this? It really may be that I just need to stretch it slightly. It's a small problem, though, and all things considered, I love this sweater.


  1. Love it~ you did a great job on it!

  2. That looks so fantastic and comfy--love the color!

    As for the buttons...hmm...I have a sweater that does that too, and I was thinking about it while I wore it last night. If I tighten the buttonholes, I would worry about the button bands pulling too much. If I were you, I would try blocking it to stretch it out a little first to see if it helps. I need to do the same thing, but...I'm kinda lazy like that. ;-)

  3. It turned out awesome! Love it!

    Try blocking it first. If the buttons keep popping out after that, it's probably because the buttonholes are a little too large. You can easily duplicate stitch or just outright sew them up a bit on one or both sides of the hole to tighten them up.

  4. I'm so slow on my blog reading - massive catch-up! And I'm so delighted to see your Boston cardi. It's just perfect. That first photo looks like it was created as the prototype - beautiful stitching. So pretty!

    And on you, it looks fantastic. You are cuter than cute, all over Boston.


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