Saturday, October 17, 2009

Boston pics-Georges Island

Being on the water is so much fun. Especially when you can sing "I'm on a boat" with your sister and laugh hysterically.

We took the ferry from Boston to Georges Island, home of Fort Warren.

Given that this was a POW camp in the Civil war (the wiki link above gives more information, if you're interested), I couldn't help being reminded of Alcatraz. It's an eerie feeling, walking through history, knowing people were imprisoned here, isolated from the world.

Jill and I enjoyed walking around the island. It really is beautiful, and the view of Boston across the water was stunning.


  1. Great pics - again with the lovely weather!

    What steals my heart, though, is the mention of "I'm On A Boat". I think I peed myself laughing the first time I saw that. So. Funny. That Andy Samberg, honestly.

  2. i got my swim trunks.
    and my flippy floppies.

    so good!:)


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