Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Boston pics-Bunker Hill Monument

On our first full day, Jill and I walked most of the Freedom Trail, and at one point, found ourselves at the Bunker Hill Monument.
At the time, we didn't even realize that we were in an entirely different city, Charlestown. We walked so much, but it was worth it, as we saw some incredible sights.

When we approached the monument, we wondered if tourists were allowed to climb it, and were excited to see that we could indeed climb to the top.

The sign informed us that there were 294 steps to the top.
We can do that. We're young and relatively healthy, so we can do it, right? Right.

We might complain about it, and we might feel stupid for doing it our first day, when we've got loads of walking ahead of us, but we did it.

The view from the top is amazing, and worth the climb, although our calves were yelling at us for three days.


  1. I'm impressed you walked all the way to the top! And wow, that view is amazing!

  2. What pretty weather...and it's a good thing, because your calves would have been even more upset if your eyes had reported cloudy skies and no amazing view. My calves would have been screaming at me before any climbing even started. Regardless of the view!


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