Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Gift knitting: For Jill

Jill already knows about this Christmas gift, so it's safe for me to show you my progress.

WIP: Circus in Stockinette

I started making these socks for myself, but as the sock came together, I couldn't help but think my sister would love them as much as I do. I made her an iPod cozy out of the same yarn last year, so I knew she would enjoy the crazy colors.

This is another toe-up sock (my second pair ever!), using Wendy Johnson's basic recipe.

Progress: Circus Stockinette for Sister

This time, I did a slip-stitch heel, which was a bit confusing at first (mostly because I had less stitches on the needle than necessary, but I made the math work). I'm not satisfied with the bind-off, but Peter recently posted about a no-fail stretchy bind-off, so I'm going to redo that, and then the first sock is finished.

Since Jill already knows about them, and since she's a kick-ass sister, she understands that these might not be finished by Christmas day, so I've set these aside until I can clear out some of my other gift obligations.


  1. Yep yep, I still stand by that new bind-off.

    haha, my word verification was "menartop". hahahahaha!!!! (maybe only I find that funny.)

  2. Those have got to be the most fun-looking socks I've seen in a long time! Hmm...must get my hands on some fun-looking sock yarn...


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