Friday, December 4, 2009

Hell frozen over (aka: it snowed in Houston)

Seriously? I can count the number of times it's snowed here on one hand. That's considering (almost) 28 years of living.

The forecast for today was 100% precipitation, with a very good chance of sleet/snow. It happened! Not much accumulation, of course, because, again, this is Houston, but it was fun, and work let us out early, in case the roads were bad.

Of course, my camera battery was low, so I have no pictures to document the occasion, but Rhonda and I knit some this afternoon, while drinking Irish coffee, which was delicious.

I'm working on one of four Christmas knitted gifts, so I'm furiously trying to get through them. I will definitely be casting on for a new sweater for myself once I'm done.

I'll show off some of the gifts soon, but tow of them can't be shown until after they're given.

Oh, and apologies for the lack of Food Fridays. See above regarding my camera battery. I'll fix that with a quickness.


  1. I'm doing it backwards - knitting a sweater now, instead of the four gift knits I *should* be working on. Eeeks, I should probably go cast at least one of those giftys on tonight!

  2. say it snows in Houston and you just "happen" to have low batteries in your camera. Not sure I believe you! ;-)

    Totally kidding. I am so cold right now that I wouldn't be surprised if it snowed in San Diego! (It's about 25 degrees to warm for that, but I'm a wimp.)


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