Saturday, December 26, 2009

A happy girl

I'm a happy girl. Here's proof:

Meet my D40

That, in my hand, is my new Nikon D40. It's lovely, and we've spent the last few days getting to know one another. She (I just feel like it's a female; is that wrong?) was a gift from my special fella, and I'm completely enamored. I'm still very much a noob, but I'm reading up on f-stop and aperture, and other camera-related jargon. It's fun to learn a new language!

P.S. This is a sneak peak of one of my finished Christmas gifts
(hint: it's on my head!).
I'll post a proper FO post soon.


  1. Such a neat camera! I'm super jealous.

  2. Awesome new cam! And that hat, too!

  3. Lucky girl! Glad you have a new "friend"!

  4. Ooh, your fella has good taste! I love a good gift giver. I hope we eventually get to meet him! The hat is gorgeous by the way.


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