Wednesday, December 15, 2010

San Francisco: Muir Woods

Have you ever been to San Francisco?
Jill and I visited six years ago to celebrate her 21st birthday. For this trip with Elliott, there were some new-to-me sites, and some revisited favorites. Muir Woods was a new attraction, and I'm so glad we went.

Muir Woods

Muir Woods is incredible, and we were lucky enough to have good weather for our early morning visit. Instead of renting a car and dealing with parking, we chose to go with a small tour group (there were only five people in our van), care of Extranomical Tours. We had about two hours to spend in the woods, and I made good use of my time and camera.

What struck me the most about the woods is that certain trees were positively glowing. I'm guessing it was a combination of the moss and sunlight.

Mossy moss

Muir Woods Fungi

Postively beautiful. Elliott and I walked along the trail for almost two hours, pausing to take pictures (pretty frequently) and enjoying existence.

Muir Woods

It's a very magical place. I definitely want to go back someday, just to make sure the magic of these giant trees still exists.

Rays of Light

I'm pretty sure I won't be disappointed.

Muir Woods


  1. wow it looks amazing. it's nice to see the outdoors a different color other than white and grey.

  2. I'm planning on visiting San Fran next year and Muir woods are on the list as well. It looks magical.

  3. I've visited a lot of beautiful places, and Muir Woods ranks as one of the most peaceful and harmonious places I've ever eyes on. I'm so glad you went.

  4. Somehow I've never been there...your pictures are stunning! It's amazing how taking a few days off and enjoying nature can revitalize oneself isn't it? Sometimes when I'm deep in computer mode with work, I forget I need those days. Thanks for sharing such a magical place.

  5. Amazing photos - I love all the shades of green that you captured in the magical Muir Woods!

  6. My favorite thing about Muir Woods is the SMELL! It's so fresh! I love the eucalyptus trees too, California is one of my favorite places in the world!

    1. Im glad to know Im not the only one in love with the actually brought me to tears it made me so happy!!


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