Wednesday, October 12, 2011

SS: Stash and Classes

One last sewing summit post! Becky wanted to hear about the classes I took and see the new stash. I will happily oblige. ;)


I participated in the Shop Hop, which was a bus full of 50 quilters, hitting three shops in the SLC area. We visited Pine Needles, Quilt, Etc. and Material Girls. It was really fun, and all three shops had something unique to offer. I only took a picture at two of the shops, but I encourage you to check them all out if you're ever in Salt Lake.

Pine Needles - SLC

Pine Needles

Material Girls - SLC

Material Girls

Although I tried to show some restraint, I ended up with quite a nice stack of new stash enhancements.

Sewing Summit - the haul

Some of these were freebies (and some freebies are not pictured; I'm still trying to unpack and organize). Also, some of these were from the fat quarter swap that Kaelin organized. Very fun! I'm especially excited about that stack on the right. I am IN LOVE with Cosmo Cricket's Circa 1934 for Moda. Such a great line! I grouped it with some other fabrics I got that I think work well with it.

So, one of the new people I met is Sharon, of A Prarie Sunrise. While we were there, she offered to whip up a sketchbook for me.

From A Prarie Sunrise

It's so cute! I also may have enabled her into buying some yarn at a great shop we visited (I DID NOT buy any yarn!! Ahem.)


I took: Improv Piecing, Garment Making 101, Specialty Seams, Refashioning Garments, and Free Motion Quilting. I had an early flight on Sunday, so I didn't make the last session. I enjoyed all of the classes. I really wanted to take Jeni's and Amanda's classes, too, but there just wasn't a way!

Some of the classes were hands on, while others were seminars. I snapped a picture of two of the things I worked on to share with you.

Free Motion, I will get you someday

Free Motion practice

I have a long way to go with Free Motion, but it was fun to just go with it! Luckily, I was sitting next to a guru, who was more than happy to share her wisdom. Thanks again, Angela!

The specialty seams class ended up to be a workshop for zippers, but it was okay, because I'd never tried oilcloth before.

Oilcloth pouch

I made this pouch in the class.

Thanks for letting me share about my experience at the conference. My sewing area is a complete mess right now; must get organized!


  1. You didn't buy ANY yarn. Wow.

    Oh my gosh. Totally unrelated but the kitties just knocked over my huge box of (organized) notions. aaaah. Yeah, I'm going to go now.

  2. My studio is out of control I feel the need to reorganize just to accommodate all the new fabric I brought home!

  3. What is the link for your eyelash quilting? :) Thanks.

  4. I've read so many wonderful posts about SS. I really want to get into more modern quilting. There isn't much support for it locally. BUT I've found so many new blogs to inspire me virtually!

  5. wow, I cant believe how big those shops are! I'd say you did good restraining yourself!!

  6. love the free motion quilting. it looks so great. i love that sketch book. i would love to see more pictures of that. i would also love to see a picture of all of the loot you got while you were here... purchased, swapped, and swag.

  7. You are such an enabler! ;) Thanks for introducing me to Malabrigo.

    I am so glad we met at SS & I'm glad you enjoy your sketchbook.

  8. Looks like some great stash enhancements! And you needed souvenir fabric, right? Good luck cleaning up your crafting space. That's on my to-do list this weekend, too.


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