Monday, October 3, 2011

Swoony Swoon

Well, my weekend was very productive, although I didn't accomplish everything on my list.
It's funny how you set out to accomplish certain things, and then distractions lead you in a new direction.
Or is that just me?

Swoon #3

Swoon was the main distraction for me this weekend.

I finished two blocks this weekend.
And I may have even started cutting for a third late last night... Maybe.

The first one, above, was made from a great Anna Maria Horner Innocent Crush print and one from Josephine Kimberling's Just Dandy collection. And of course, I'm using Kona Medium Gray (or grey) for my background.

And the fourth block:

Swoon #4

This block might possibly be my favorite (although my first might be, too).


I just love this fabric combination. I used a favorite Metro Living print, but I'm not sure what the second fabric is. I purchased it from Fabricworm sometime last year, and there is no selvage.

I will probably not finish block #5 before I leave for Salt Lake, but these two lovelies will tide me over until I can get back to Swooning.


  1. Love them! I seriously don't think I've seen a swoon block that doesn't look great! It works with every fabric combination

  2. i love both of them. they are so pretty and i love the kona grey. i think i might like it better than white, and that is saying a lot.

  3. They look really nice! I love the color combination.

  4. I really want to make a swoon quilt soon!!!

  5. Gorgeous! I really like the blue on black print from the first block.

    And I hear you on not getting everything from the to-do list done. But you certainly did a lot! The baby sweater looks great!

  6. I love them! Off to check out Swoon right now!

  7. I am swooning over your Swoon blocks! That mystery print you used is great. I want to make a quilt like this soon, I've loved every single one I've seen!

    p.s. 2 days :)

  8. Gorgeous blocks!!! I stopped by your blogger profile and it turns out that we have the same taste in music and movies! :)

  9. Well, no one will tsk, tsk you for making Swoon blocks. That's for sure. Agreed - that second one is a new favorite. We'll look forward to a group photoshoot sometime soon.

  10. They both look great! I love your color sense.


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