Friday, November 25, 2011

Gifty to-do list, part #1

Let me preface this entry by saying, my list of things to finish before the end of the year is twenty-one items long.
And to answer your question, yes, I'm a little crazy for that.

However, I got down to business this past weekend, and was able to cross several tasks off the list.

November "Love" blocks

Item #1: My November "Love" do.Good Stitches blocks
I'm in a new group this month, and Lee chose these fun asterisk blocks.

Does this do anything for you, ss partner?

Item #2: I'm in a secret santa swap via twitter, hosted by Sukie, and I finished my first item over the weekend. There is a cost limit of $15 for the swap, which is a fun challenge! I used Ayumi's super adorable fabric basket tutorial. I want to make more of these. LOTS more.

In progress: stockings

Item #3 (in progress): I'm making stockings for Jill and Ryan this year.

I'll share more from the list throughout December. Hopefully, I can get everything finished in time!

What's on your gifty to-do list?


  1. 21 items! Ok, Jacey, you're going to be smoking by the time you're done =). I have to make pjs for the kids and another makeup roll. I think that may be all gift wise? Brandon is making some gifts this year, so that's taking off some pressure!

  2. - Quilt two almost finished quilts
    - make sewing kit pouch x2
    - pillow x2/3
    - if I get this all done...there is another quilt I had wanted to make, but it is not even started yet.
    My little brother gets married the week before Christmas...really puts a wrench into a crafty girls timeline! :)

  3. I love those fabric baskets! I need to make one some day. I only had two knit items for Christmas, a scarf and a pair of socks, and I finished yesterday. I knit throughout the year, and put FO in the gift bin, so I don't have to to it all in the last minute. What a relieve!

  4. I'll post mine later. I just added 2 more projects to it today. *cough* insanity *cough*

  5. whoa, that is a long list. At least you made one, I need to sit down and do that much... it might end up that long! I love every one of those orange and pink asterisk blocks I've seen so far, that quilt is going to be fantasmic.

  6. That is an adorable fabric basket!

  7. I love those asterisk blocks! And thanks for the link to the fabric basket - so cute! Let's see...need to finish at least one quilt (but actually have three tops needing to be quilted), Christmas gifts for preschool teachers and babysitters, and a couple of small knit items...starting to feel the time pinch...

  8. oooh, nice blocks. I've not seen that quilt pattern before...very striking. And I LOVE the bag!

    Oh, my to do list for crafts is small cuz my to do list for work is overwhelming. A few knitted items, finishing up a drawing for my dad, and a papercut for a friend. We'll see...considering it is December this week! Good luck with yours!!

  9. LOVE the bag! I don't even want to think about my to-do list at this point. First up: finish color work hat for Tadpole. Next: get good photo of Tadpole wearing said hat for holiday cards. Next: update spreadsheet with addresses. Next . . . I'll think about that tomorrow :)

  10. LOVE the fabric baskets!! I am definitely going to give this a try:) Good luck with your TO DO list! You are off to a great start!

  11. I love that basket! I've been searching for something to tote my makeup to and from the bathroom every morning since my various small cosmetic bags just weren't working for me anymore. I just might have to make one of those!


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