Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Misc. sewing ramblings

So, I never heard back from one of the pillow winners, and gave a deadline of Sunday. So, without further ado, the new winer is #7, Ella! Oh, and I'm hard at work on Kate's pillow. I hope to have that one in the mail this week! I'll share pictures once she receives it!

Also, I realized I hadn't shared my latest Swoon blocks with you. I finished these on my vacation a few weeks back.

Swoon #5

Swoon #5, using Modern Meadow Plaid and Kona Teal Blue.

Swoon #6

Swoon #6, using Modern Meadow Herringbone and AMH Innocent Crush "Maybe".

Only three blocks left to go! Woo!! Can't wait. I have high hopes to finish this lovely up before the end of the year (possible, but not probable!).

Another Bottled Rainbows block

I also finished up Bottled Rainbows block #5, in what I think is Kona Caribbean. Love! Who knows when I'll finish this quilt? Not anytime soon, but I hope to get a block or two more done before the new year!


  1. Still didn't win, dang! ;)

    Love those Swoon blocks. They are gorgeous!

  2. i love those swoon blocks. i love that plaid. it is so beautiful. i now have three blocks done... i am so slow. i only have three to go. they will be done soon! soooooon! and i love your bottled rainbow. it is blue. i like it.

  3. Very lovely blocks. I really love the blues.

  4. Wow - Loving your Swoon blocks! They are gorgeous. I'm hoping to start a swoon in the new year...

  5. gosh, all these blues are really inspiring! keep on keeping on! :o)

  6. i love the block in the middle. so contrasty!

  7. those swoon blocks are so lovely. can't wait to see what you do with them.

  8. All so lovely! Each new bottled rainbows block is my favorite - even when it's not green. Now that's saying something!

  9. Your swoon blocks are looking awesome! The more I see them, the more it makes me want to make that quilt some day...

    And I LOVE my pillow!! Thanks again so much! I can't believe the other person flaked, they really missed out.

  10. somehow missed your Swoon them!


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