Monday, November 21, 2011

A surprise from Jessica

Do you know Jessica? I really enjoy her blog, and her adorable crafty style. She's made some really fun things for her kiddos, and I'm really in love with her recently finished Loulouthi Tiles quilt from Rachel's free pattern.

So, several weeks ago, I sent Jessica some patterns I received at the Sewing Summit. The patterns were for little girl's clothes, and I thought she would enjoy them.

Well, fast forward to Friday afternoon, I get a surprise package from Jessica. In a completely unexpected and generous gesture, she made me a fabulous mini quilt!

A surprise from Jessica

How fun is that??!??

She also included a very sweet note, so thanks again, Jessica. You completely made me day!!

Yesterday, I tried to spend some time cleaning up my sewing area, and that included hanging some of my recently acquired minis.

Happy wall

On this wall, we have the Solids swap quilt I received from Shape Moth, and Jessica's mini.

Another happy wall

Above my sewing area, I have the Post-Summit swap mini I received from Di. I still have two more minis to hang, so my collection is steadily growing! Ah, happy walls.

I've got lots of sew-y progress to share with you asap!


  1. lovely walls!

    how do you hang your quilts? i have quite the collection of minis but i have yet to hang any of them. we even painted our living room walls so they are ready to look like someone actually lives there.

  2. Yep, your walls look totally awesome! Jessica is one rad gal.

  3. Your wall will be the perfect craft room wall...full of inspiration, potential, and loveliness!

  4. oooh so pretty! your walls are looking fantastic! How did you hang them? I haven't figured out how to hang mine yet.

  5. Have I ever mentioned how much I love the color of your walls? I've been thinking about painting our walls sometime this year but I would really have to convince Chris. Hmm...maybe I'll show him your photos first. ;-)

  6. Ooh, I love all of the wall quilts! Yet more inspiration for me to actually finish mine. (Yes, I know I keep saying that. I really will get to it!)


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