Friday, December 23, 2011

2011 Goals: A look back and a video

I LOVE making lists. LOVE. Earlier this year, I made a list of goals for the year. As I make my list for 2012, I thought I'd share my results of this year's list.

2011 goals
1) No yarn purchases in 2011, with noted exceptions:

Result: Mostly win.

Wollmeise goodness

The only yarn I purchased this year was the Wollmeise Claudia offered to bring me (um, and I just bought a Sundara holiday gift bag. oops). The only other yarn stash additions were handspun offerings from Sara, Sam and Elizabeth.

2) Finish the Gray + Pink + Yellow quilt and make two additional quilts

Result:Total win. You can see my quilt set here, but I finished three large quilts and several minis this year.

3) Complete the swaps I've joined

Result: Again, Total win. I participated in three quilt bees and SIX public swaps. I also participated in several private swaps, which I'm now addicted to. You can see my swaps and bees set here.

4) Complete the two pairs of socks I've started, and two additional pairs

Result:Um, less than win. I knit one sock this year, and it was not a match for a previously knit sock. LAME.

5) Finish the colorwork hat I've started, and one additional colorwork project (I've got to get better at this!)
Result: Half win! I did complete my color work hat, which I love. But no new colorwork projects this year. Next year, for sure!

6) Finish both my CPH and the Gray Skies Cardigan

Result: FAIL. Yes, that deserved to be bolded. I didn't finish either one of these, although a little progress was made.

7) Knit Beatnik
Result: Nope. But I didn't buy yarn for it either, so that counts. A little.

8) Sew three garments for myself

Result: I made two skirts for myself, but I don't count it as a win, really.

9) Clean out and donate from closets, cabinets

Result: I made lots of progress in purging stuff this year. I hope to continue to do so, as I make the move to Elliott's house. Or, our house. ;)

10)Blog more often

Result: Total win. My post count for 2011 is just about double my 2010 count. I've been in this space more often, and I've enjoyed it!

11)Take more pictures

Result: I would say this is pretty much a win, although I have short-term plans to make a lightbox for myself. As the winter light takes over, I notice a drastic drop in the number of pictures I've taken.

12)Attend the Sewing Summit in October

Result: Yep! I did that!

13)Use fabric and yarn stash on projects I can enjoy

I guess this is a partial win. I've gotten better about making things I'll actually use. However, I still have an addiction to shawls, even though I've not found myself wearing them yet. 14)Exercise at least once a week

Result: Um, next question, please.

15)Finish Jill's house items

Result: I'd say I'm okay here. I still have some curtains to make for Jill, but she's gotten some fun handmade stuff this year. But I will stick to my word and finish the other curtains!


Result: No good here. I only went on one out-of-state trip (Utah). But at least it was a new-to-me place, and it was beautiful!

When I look at this list, it doesn't seem like I accomplished very much in 2011. Then I watch the video below (which is all thanks to C and her lovely 2011 video), and I think, "oh, yeah. I did some stuff."

Jaceycraft 2011 from Jacey Lucas on Vimeo.

I hope you'll watch it. And then I hope you'll make your own over at Pummelvision.
*Note: the very last image in the video has a swear word. I haven't blogged this yet, but I wanted to make a disclaimer.

If you'd rather peruse the photos, I made a Crafts in 2011 set.


  1. i'd say you've accomplished quite a bit! i love reading other people's round-up posts. have a great holiday. :-)

  2. looks like a successful year to me! i love all that embroidery flying by in your video. :o)

    happy holidays, J!

  3. you are always welcome to travel to idaho whenever you want! ;) excellent list and i loved the video! i am afraid mine would be very disappointing!

  4. Very exciting to see what you have accomplished!! You inspire me to keep dreaming and I know the day is coming when I will be doing!! I love your sense of color!! Love u, mom

  5. Aria and Liam say they loved the video! They heard the music playing and came running. I am thinking I'll do this too after seeing Cauchy's and yours. You've made a lot, Jacey! And way to go on decluttering. That always feels so good.

  6. Cool video!! And you accompolished A LOT in 2011! Here's to a productive 2012 too.

  7. I remember you saying no yarn purchases in 2011 but I don't think you can count the Wollmeise since someone offered to get it for you. How could you say no? That would just be rude :)

  8. very successful year! I should try a list this year, I'm no good at sticking to lists though.

    I'm planning on a video like that too, I have another picture or two to get before I do it though.

  9. Wow! You are one busy girl. Loved seeing the video.

  10. I am glad that I met you this year:) (so to speak:)! You certainly were a busy girl in 2011! I just love your project list! Great idea...Hopefully, we can swap again this coming year:) Hugs!!!

  11. Wow! You accomplished so much!! I loved seeing it all together!

  12. wow, you got a lot done this year!! i love your video, it is just impressive, so many beautiful things..
    Jacey, it is sooo good that we met, i am really happy about it :-)
    Have a great new year and say the amazing person that you are !!!
    XO, Claudia

  13. It's hard to make everything! Love the things you made this year! And great video :)

    Man, I was behind on reading your blog!

  14. What a great way to showcase your crafting accomplishments! Seems like 2011 was a good year. ;-)

  15. I LOVE lists too! To the point of being slightly neurotic about it some would say! ;)

    I think you have had an amazingly productive year...I didn't need to see the video to think that! You've focused on sewing more than knitting but the amount of things you have churned out is impressive! Maybe this year we could do some challenges with each other (and others) to get the knitting aspect kicked up a notch! Just a thought!

    BTW--I have the same problem with knitting stuff I may never wear. But I look at is as I love to knit and I love to knit cool things so it's still a win.

  16. I had so much fun watching that video. You really did a lot this year! And you've inspired me to write up a goals post (and come up with some ambitious goals). There may even be a video now, too!


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