Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Melissa's Quilt

As I was browsing through my flickrstream, I realized I never shared a collaborative quilt I helped Sara and Nicke make.

Blocks for Melissa's quilt

I made these blocks to contribute, and Sara assembled the blocks and quilted them beautifully.
This was a gift for our friend Melissa, who is expecting her second child. You can see the finished quilt here and also here.

These three girls were lots of fun in the Wonky Bee this year, and it was fun conspiring to make something special for Melissa!


  1. The quilt turned out so cute! What a great gift for a little one.

  2. I love these blocks! So fresh and fun :).

  3. i love this picture! it makes me so happy. they look like mini quilts drying on the line. it was really fun conspiring with you jacey!

  4. i love your picture. the blocks look so pretty against the blue wall.

  5. Cute photo of the blocks! I think it's funny how we've swapped fabrics so much with the wonky bee and all that our stashes have similar contents now. I can no longer tell who made what block just from the fabric selection!

  6. The quilt (and your blocks) look great...what a wonderful gift for Melissa!

  7. Oh, that is fabulous! I love the brilliant colors on the front tempered by the neutral on the back. That is one lucky baby!


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