Monday, December 19, 2011


The winner of the SMS Giveaway day is Amy! Amy is blogless, but did leave an email address, and she's already responded to claim her new pouch and fabric.

I got a little stressed reading all of your comments. We all have a lot of finishing to do! Thank you all for entering.

I've been hard at work on a secret project for a loved one. I'll be able to share after Christmas!

I can share one crafty thing from the weekend.

Cheese Straws and Mustard Puffs

I made two quick and easy appetizers for the Houston Modern Quilt Guild holiday party. I made cheese straws and mustard puffs. I think "mustard puffs" is a truly hilarious name for a food. Both of these recipes were very easy to make, and the results were delicious!

Our party was a huge success. And I'm excited to say that I'm the historian for our guild this year! Our group is a lot of fun, and I'm excited to be a part of it!

I'm working on a couple of end of year posts, so between that and some finishes, I have lots to talk about!


  1. Thanks for a great giveaway! and congratulations to Amy!

  2. Just popped in for a quick hello...that appetizer looks delicious! What will your duties as historian be?? Sounds exciting!

  3. Wow--I think that says a ton that so many people wanted some of your sewing goodness! ;)

    Those cheese straws have me drooling...I'm not sure about the mustard puffs though. Sounds sort of like a strange sorority or something!

  4. I'm still chuckling over Rachel's mustard puff sorority idea. I'd love to see that rush party (says the girl whose alma mater had only one sorority and it was off campus).

    Seriously, though, your cooking last weekend sounds delicious.

    I had a delusion this evening that I could whip up a pair of nice fingerless mitts for a coworker by Friday. I tried, I really did. But I'm just not that fast. So I accepted defeat and went back to stripe study. The knitting was much more relaxing but now I have no idea what to get for this particular person.


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