Friday, August 24, 2012

Some new happy fabrics

In the recent sale at Pink Castle Fabrics (which is still going on, actually!), I scored several of my favorite prints for $5 or $5 a yard!

Maya and Summersville

I cannot get enough of Leah Duncan's Maya line. Summersville is another favorite. I think these two lines play nicely together!

It appears that I was also in a green mood in my recent stashing.

Summersville, Reunion, FMF, Lizzy House Jewels and Pez

I may have to use these together in a quilt!

I'd also love to pick up a little more Field Study soon!! I just love those arrows and feathers!

Brenda is also offering a discount on all precuts/bundles right now, with the coupon code PRECUT20.


Well, as you can see, my helper is requesting my attention now.

I hope you all have a fun weekend! E's parents are visiting tomorrow, but I will try to share some fun things on Sunday!


  1. ah, that olias! rub his belly for me, please. i also got some great sale fabrics from pink castle that arrived wednesday, including some of that red alphabetty! i almost got several of the others i see in your stacks, but was trying to be good.

  2. Love all the fabrics! Some days I'm so glad I don't sew or quilt - with all the cute fabrics out there my stash would be ginormous.

  3. oh kitty! come to my house! i will feed you tuna fish and my kids will love you to death! have a great weekend my friend! enjoy your freeeeeeeedom!

  4. I snagged some flea market fancy. I shoulda bought more!


  5. Oh I just got some Summerville too I love it and all of your other choices.

  6. whoa, fun stash! the new prints coming out right now are killing me.

  7. Ooo, fun! I have some of that Maya line too and love it! I haven't decided what to do with it yet, but it makes me smile to see it in my stash:)

  8. Fabric is fun, especially when on sale! These look great!

  9. I love your grey cat... I have one like that before named Olie. He died about 3 years back.. Lovely fabrics!


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