Tuesday, August 28, 2012

How about some socks?

After knitting for FIVE years now, I can proudly say I just finished my THIRD pair of socks. As in, one, two, THREE.

FO: Plucky Duckies

Is it cheating that these are knit in sport weight instead of fingering weight?

Is it cheating that they are knit in the decadent Plucky Knitter Primo Sport?

FO: Plucky Duckies (and Bella)

Knitted socks are a luxury, because they just take so long to knit. I'm amazed at knitters that can quickly zip through them. I guess I'm just a slow knitter.

The pattern is by my friend Sam. It's a free pattern called Duckies, which is the cutest name ever.

I feel a sense of accomplishment, and upon finishing the second sock, I immediately cast on for a sweater.


In a very similar shade of red.


  1. um ready for it: i've been knitting for 14 years and have never made socks!!! haha, mostly because, as you said, they take forever. part of me never wanted to put that much time into something that would barely get seen, you know? yours look great though. i did find a pattern in a book of mine for big, plain socks for guys so i'm going to give it a go. i may bug you for help!

  2. These look soooo comfy! 3 pairs of socks is a lot to knit, I have previously bought sock yarn, sock sized needles, and a book about knitting socks, and I've knit exactly 0 pairs! I'm always in awe of hand knit socks, I can see why you love them!

  3. LOVE your new banner:) I really need to get back to my knitting...Plenty of time on the football sidelines!! Although...Zach has had so much play time, I am actually excited about FOOTBALL!!!:) Lol!!! I never understood it too much...It was a mystery for many years...Kind of like knitting:)

  4. I love horrified cat! He looks like you just told him the next pair of socks will be his!

  5. Those look so cozy!! I just pulled out my WIP socks (in that Malabrigo I bought from you) this morning! I can't wait to get them finished. :)

    What sweater did you cast on?

  6. There are knitters who can knit a pair of socks in a week, which I can't even imagine. They take me forever, mostly because I find them so dull to knit. Yay sweater!

  7. Yay! Excited for you!

  8. awesome socks! no it is not at all cheating that you used sportweight. socks are just as much work as a sweater at a much smaller gauge so i think of them as equal accomplishments.

  9. they are so pretty my dear! i love the color and i can only imagine how long it would take me to knit some... heavens and if i lost one i would probably go crazy!

  10. yay socks! They are lovely :)

  11. Great socks! Love the red you chose. I can see why you're addicted.

  12. Socks are socks...whether in fingering, sport, or even worsted (which I love to knit socks in for winter here!). I see no cheating here! These look great...beautiful red (and how in the heck did you get some Plucky yarn in your hands??) and such a pretty pattern! And nice start of a sweater...what pattern is it?


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