Thursday, December 12, 2013

A simple handmade gift

I was just joking with E last night about my never-ending to-do list. Like most crafters, I want to make ALL of the things.

My brain knows that I never will, but the heart wants what it wants.

With Christmas just two weeks away, the to-do list is especially long. But I finally made a batch of gifts that I know will be repeated next year.

Salt and sugar scrubs

I made three quick scrubs today, resulting in twelve small gifts.

I bought a twelve-pack of 4-ounce Ball jars, printed some free labels, and spent a little over an hour in the kitchen. Not bad!

Here's a basic recipe that you can modify, based on your preferences.

1 cup sea salt, brown sugar or white sugar
3 T coconut or grapeseed oil
6-10 drops essential oil

That's it! I used lavender (and some chopped rosemary) with sea salt, cinnamon with brown sugar (but I think I'll try orange next time) and peppermint with white sugar.

I really appreciate anything handmade, and I can't wait to try these scrubs for myself. And of course, I can't wait to give them!


  1. you go, girl! my handmade gifts are pretty limited this year, aside from the ugly christmas quilts for the sisters-in-law! these look awesome, and i love the labels!

  2. Yum. Oh, I'm not supposed to want to eat the brown sugar one with a spoon? ;)

  3. Yum. Oh, I'm not supposed to want to eat the brown sugar one with a spoon? ;)

  4. sounds awesome! what a great gift idea.


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