Tuesday, December 31, 2013


The great(?) thing about works-in-progress is that you can just roll them on into the new year. And although I had a boatload (that's a techinical term) of finished projects, I am carrying my weight in WIPs to 2014.

A quick list, for reference and accountability:

-Liberty pillow (unblogged: started in May 2012, QAYG, with Liberty scraps purchased on etsy)
-Nothing but Blues EPP (will blog soon!)
-Ruby dress (cut out, just need to sew it up!)

-Shattered Nordika (top's almost done!)
-Wonky Bee Traveling Quilt (top received!)
-dgs curvy improv quilt (nearly done, but a seam came apart in the wash; haven't figured out the best fix)
-Wonky star quilt
-red aqua quilt (super old WIP, may scrap or seriously modify) I'm not a sasher.
-Single Girl (another super oldie. UGH.)
-BaMS bee improv quilt (top is done)
-Scrappy trip along (all strips cut and sewn into pairs)
-Vintage Star (started quilting over a year ago, messed up. Need to pick out quilting, rebaste and requilt) Double UGH.
-Meow quilt (top is finished, back is made!)
Multiple scrappy triangle projects
Prairie braid (not sure if this will still turn into a quilt..)

-Chestnut Facets
-Orchid Thief Shawl
-unphotographed Koigu socks

So, in a nutshell, there's my WIP list. That doesn't count projects I've already committed to (like a KAL and a QAL starting in a few days).

But I like goals and lists. I'm nothing if not a dreamer.

I wish you the very best 2014. Personally, I'm happy to say goodbye to this year. There were a lot of personal difficulties, and hitting the reset button is especially tempting.
Cheers, friends.


  1. Here's to a happy and productive 2014!!!

  2. Looking forward to seeing what 2014 brings to you and what you accomplish!

  3. Full but awesome list and wishing you the best in the new year!

  4. That's a lovely list of future FOs! All the best for the new year!

  5. I've limited my WIPs (usually to 1 or 2) since becoming a mother, otherwise nothing will get done for me, so my only WIP carried into 2014 is a cowl I started on Christmas. I of course have plenty of ideas for what is next, but I'll see what I feel like once the time arrives. I also had some personal difficulties in 2013 and I am trying to let some of the negative feelings go and not bring them into the new year. It's good to try to start fresh. Happy 2014! (sjn821 on Rav)

  6. that's quite the list! i think i'm in denial on my WIPs. i have a bunch i just don't want to think about for awhile.

  7. We just did this thing at our guild meeting where we listed out all our WIPs and we are kind of being held accountable to them...I think with prizes though so that's fun...but it was NOT fun to list them out. I was really kind of appalled once I physically wrote it down on paper. quadruple ugh. Good luck with all of yours this year!! I look forward to seeing all of your finishes!!

  8. You already have finishes!!! I still need to write my list!


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