Monday, November 14, 2016

FO: Ron Burgundy

Did I tell you I have a new nephew? It's true.
He is my sister's first child, and it is really awesome to see her in this new role.

This was taken at her baby shower a few months ago, when Jill opened this knitted sweater that I made for her.

FO: Ron Burgundy

I used the free pattern Baby Sophisticate, which I would definitely knit again. I chose to knit the 6-12 month size, since you never know how big a baby will be!

The yarn was intended for some felted slippers last year, but it seemed like the perfect color (Malabrigo Worsted in marron oscuro).

FO: Ron Burgundy

I especially love these buttons, which I found on etsy (here!)

As much as I would love to share pictures of my nephew, my sister has decided not to post any online photos of him for the time being. If that changes, I'll be sure to share!

My project is here on ravelry. Oh, and obviously, I named this sweater for the famous anchorman.


  1. Gorgeous sweater - I've knitted two for myself in that yarn. Sooo squishy!

  2. It is a beautiful sweater! Can't wait to see him wearing it!! We will need to recreate this photo with him wearing it!!


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